Utbyta idéer och arbeta tillsammans

Under 2014 färdigställde vi vår guide till att starta residensprogram. Ett residensprogram – efter engelskans artist in residency –  kan variera stort i form och genomförande. Det handlar om att en eller flera konstnärer bjuds in för att bo och arbeta [...]

What is Tomma Rum?

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is a self-organised platform and artist group for cultural and artistic exchange. Each summer all participants together arrange a residency in a smaller conurbation in Sweden. Tomma Rum is about the meeting and the creation of [...]


After last summer's regrettable break and humanity's troublesome hardships, we are extremely pleased to announce Tomma Rum's return for the summer of 2021! This time we are invited by Nordingrå Konstnärsverkstad and Myller Kulturförening to Vännersta in Kramfors municipality, along the High Coast, between Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik. Vännersta, 5 km from Nordingrå, 30 km from Kramfors. The area's oldest settlement with 2000-year-old relics found. Busy with agriculture, livestock and fishing up until now, when cultural activities head the village's energy. We are offered well-equipped lodging and studios and will fill the unused spaces. Our local colleagues, with their broad expertise in classical graphics offer us workshops in a variety of techniques, screen printing, bookbinding and more. With breakfast from the bakery, close to the lake, close to the sea and closest to the filled facilities in this sweet village with beautiful views, the summer of 2021 with Tomma Rum promises to be one of the most cozy and unique. Registration is open. WELCOME to BOOK YOUR VISIT      500[...]