Utbyta idéer och arbeta tillsammans

Under 2014 färdigställde vi vår guide till att starta residensprogram. Ett residensprogram – efter engelskans artist in residency –  kan variera stort i form och genomförande. Det handlar om att en eller flera konstnärer bjuds in för att bo och arbeta [...]

What is Tomma Rum?

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is a self-organised platform and artist group for cultural and artistic exchange. Each summer all participants together arrange a residency in a smaller conurbation in Sweden. Tomma Rum is about the meeting and the creation of [...]


Västervik is one of the largest municipalities in southern Sweden, and also a historically significant harbor city. The urban area has 21,314 inhabitants. The Archipelago atmosphere will hit tyou as soon as you leave the train station. Especially during the summer months, the city is a popular tourist destination, making this a somewhat odd bird in Tomma Rum's repertoire. At the heart of Småland 's coastline, we find the city's architectural jewelery, a neoclassical former hot bath house. This is our work and exhibition space! Sleeping and brushing our teeth we do in Centrumgården's safe halls. Visfestivalen - The singer-songwrriter festival is, of course, the city's pride, but Lysingsbadet, one of Sweden's largest holiday resorts, delivers a never-ending stream of summer lovers. Good falafel is found in the big square, and in Church St. Petris no less than two orgles. Ellen Key is also buried here. With the archipelago and the traditional parishes around the knot, it is easy to find artistic inspiration once again. The bath house's central location along the vibrant seafront makes for a well-visited edition of Tomma Rum - with great opportunities for activities and events.500[...]