Utbyta idéer och arbeta tillsammans

Under 2014 färdigställde vi vår guide till att starta residensprogram. Ett residensprogram – efter engelskans artist in residency –  kan variera stort i form och genomförande. Det handlar om att en eller flera konstnärer bjuds in för att bo och arbeta [...]

What is Tomma Rum?

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is a self-organised platform and artist group for cultural and artistic exchange. Each summer all participants together arrange a residency in a smaller conurbation in Sweden. Tomma Rum is about the meeting and the creation of [...]


This summer we will reside in Uddebo! In a big old weawing mill with its 5000 square metres and in a yellow culture house, we will meet to create! Uddebo is a small village in Tranemo municipality, in the middle of the forest of Västra Götaland. Uddebo is one of many small abandomed industrial villages in the area, close by the lake Tranemosjön. The village Uddebo with its 258 residents has a very active culture house: Gula Huset, where Tomma Rum also will reside. Further on there is a[...]