12 August, 2022 Tack Pack & Hej

10 August, 2022 Kolla Norran

24 July, 2022 Rebooted MC och trailerpark (utstÀllning!)

Utbyta idéer och arbeta tillsammans

Under 2014 fĂ€rdigstĂ€llde vi vĂ„r guide till att starta residensprogram. Ett residensprogram – efter engelskans artist in residency –  kan variera stort i form och genomförande. Det handlar om att en eller flera konstnĂ€rer bjuds in för att bo och arbeta [...]

What is Tomma Rum?

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is a self-organised platform and artist group for cultural and artistic exchange. Each summer all participants together arrange a residency in a smaller conurbation in Sweden. Tomma Rum is about the meeting and the creation of [...]

BurtrÀsk 2022

BOOK HERE NOW Eight years after our stay in SkellefteÄ, including a guest appearance in BurtrÀsk a short distance away, we return to the latter for the entire summer of 2022. This time invited by Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, which are housed in one of BurtrÀsk's most iconic buildings. Formerly the town hall, now known as Navet. There we will have access to our own floor with accommodation and a large hall with a smaller stage, previously used to hold lectures and also the communal court. But for Tomma Rum it will be our large studio and/or exhibition space. Close to the very beautiful lake BurtrÀsket with wonderful views. We are continuously researching opportunities together with BurtrÀsk Hembygdsförening for various cultural exchanges with local artists throughout the summer. Possibly leaning towards Nordic Handicrafts. A great opportunity we're looking forward to! In 1924, the world's oldest ski, estimated to be over 5,000 years old; the KalvtrÀsk ski, was found in BurtrÀsk (In the local Sami language called; BeÀhkkiere) parish. But the area is today probably best known for the production of its grainy hard cheese with a strong aromatic taste, according to an original secret recipe from 1872. Together with creative organizers and participants of all kinds, we look forward to an ingenious summer in beautiful northern forests and a pleasant church village in the glow of the wonderful midnight sun. Welcome to book your stay.500[...]