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Last week we went out for the Bolmensdagen, day of the lake Bolmen nearby. We started with a trip to the Fauna bridge, an area which used to be a hydroelectric plant, you can see the old power station in the third photograph. The area has been transformed with rocks to make an area ideal for fish to breed! They are trying in particular to re-introduce a breed of fish which has nearly died out in Sweden.

Next was to have some fika and learn about the history behind the tradition in the exhibition they set up on this site. You can see us here having a delicious fika with cakes and biscuits home made by two lovely ladies.

Next we went off to Tiraholm and it’s Fisk Butik. Here is Kadri enjoying some excellent smoked fish! Salmon with a variety of herbs and peppercorns.

Last we visited the plate museum, a collection which grew after a lady suggested to a man that he decorate his room with a few plates above the window… He refused her suggestion but she insisted. And he liked the effect so much that now he has this beautiful collection, apparently only 10% of which he bought himself. His son told us this story.


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