Tomma Rum has a BBQ!

On Friday we drove to Tiraholm, which we previously visited on Bolmansdagen, to buy a salmon. He weighed 2kg – enough for the gang. On the way home from Tiraholm we saw a moose! It was very exciting, 7 people in the minivan yelling ‘STOP THE CARRRR! I SAW A MOOOOOOSE!’. After three round trips on this one road every one had eventually seen the moose.

We bought some beers and made a delicious potato salad and some home made bread to go with the fish. Using the camp fire by the lake we built up a good cooking fire and (after a swim) it was soon time to cook the salmon! We stuffed him with dill, lemon and red onion and drizzled some olive oil. Very simple. It was an excellent dinner! We stayed very late by the lake and on the walk home saw shooting stars!

The last photograph in this gallery is of some home made charcoal made by Lotte, she used sticks from near an Iron Age burial site nearby and made charcoal using a tin and some sand within the camp fire. It was pretty impressive!

Tomma Rum goes to Gekås, Ullared!







A select few of us made the journey to Ullared to discover the wonders of Gekås! We wandered the aisles marvelling at the cheap things (such variety!) and the hoards of happy shoppers. We had feared there might be a scrum, but everyone was taking it easy and actually moving very slowly. We bought some nice things and chatted with the checkout staff.

Agnes Mercedes EKs tack till Tomma rum 2013..

Agnes glaskalas

Agnes Mercedes eget glaskalas


Agnes Einerstam Karis foredrag weeii

Föredrag om frilans-schimpanser för ungdomar i Unnaryd...

Túm rummit vi levde i formultnade just so

Túm rummit vi levde i förmultnade just so...


time for birdnest of Jenny

Det ska bli...


agnes soren collecting for craft kristaller

...Ett fågelbo. Agnes o Sören samlar pinnar till Jennys plockepinn-bo..


agnes mercedes performance just soo

Performance nu . Med en rund metall yta som låter som grillgryta ..


agnes little eggmelody

Lilla äggskärar-melodin min.


ants aint small everyday

Ants aint small everyday.


glaskalaset fortsatter

Glaskalaset del två så.


tomma post it lapp rum

Tomma post-it-lapp-rum . sum sum


tomma rum tistlar sig

I det här grannhuset bodde en gorilla. Han hälsar hej till dig!


the foot says goodbye apple pie

Agnesfoten vinkar hej då Unnaryd.


molnen badar i sin egen dimma

For till nya filialer, men tomrummet finns kvar. Sho bre!








































































































Äventyret fortsätter på:

Välkommen jepp!i
























Compersion i Unnaryd

Tack för Tomma Rum och en fantastisk vecka i Unnaryd. Jag vill dela ordet compersion med denna plats, och jag hoppas det ger möjlighet till nya meningar och betydelser.

Hälsningar, Ida.



Bilder från utställningen i tipin

Tomma Rum-skylten utanför Vildmarksgymnasiet

Mingel utanför tipin.

Jennie Öberg

Jennie Öberg

Målningar av Erik Hårdstedt.

Hanna Widgren

Britta Tegby Frisk

Sepidar Hosseini

Marie Bondeson

Kári Tulinius

Kári Tulinius läser. Projektion av Britta Tegby Frisk.

Ljudperformance av Agnes Einerstam Karis.

Ljudperformance av Agnes Einerstam Karis.

Såpbubblemålning av Sara Ocklind.

Seppi provar på såpbubblemålning.

Delar av Tomma Rums eget vouging-house utanför utställningslokalen.

Trio Roland @ Unnaryd

Hey, thanks for Tomma Rum! Its a great project and we enjoyed being able to work here. To remember us by we leave you one link to soundcloud and a video we recorded while being here…

Four songs…

One more…

Conrad & Ruth & Johanna

Mer musik från Johanna:

Här kommer en länk till gammal go musik som jag gjort med olika grupper. Bland annat med Ruth som följde med det här året. Lyssna gärna:

Och en till til mitt band SQUID LIBETS

Hälsningar, Johanna