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Tomma rum 2014

What is Tomma Rum?
Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is a platform for cultural and artistic exchange. Each summer we arrange a residency in a smaller conurbation in Sweden. Tomma Rum is about the meeting and the creation of new forms of cooperation between artists, cultural workers and the local inhabitants of the visited community.

Tomma Rum is open to anyone interested in art, culture, people and the places we visit. Artists but also architects, poets, musicians, writers, photographers and actors participate in Tomma Rum. The participants are of different age and origin, coming from among others, Denmark, Norway, England, Hungary, France and Japan. This results in a unique dynamic both within the group and in its local cooperation. We organize exhibitions, performances, film shoots, public talks, and much more. Unexpected encounters occur and both hosts and visitors are stimulated to new perspectives on local partnerships and cultural life.

The premise is that many municipalities have real estate that are empty and unused, especially during the summer. Tomma Rum started in 2003 and this year we will be going to Skellefteå between the 16th of June to the 24th of August 2014. Tomma Rum is currently organised by artists in Sweden and Norway.

We’re staying at Vitberget, in an abandoned restaurant at the peak of a ski slope. It has large rooms with a well-equipped kitchen, sauna, bar and dance floor in the basement. Directed southwards, the restaurant has sunshine 24hrs during the summer. Here we will nest and use the barbeque outside with a view over the whole city.

We will work at Trivselhuset. A large house by the central bus station, which has been a bank, a community house and now is run by Republiken Norrland, an association with cultural actors such as a film collective, musicians and artists. We will cooperate with them and fill their empy spaces.

The municipality offer us a variety of possibilities in the city and out in the villages. In town hall there’s a wedge-shaped exhibition space. The Town square has a summer stage Saturdays. They’re willing to fence in the central parking lots for our exclusive access and out by the sea coast there’s an empty summer camp waiting to be invaded.

How to attend
Welcome to book your stay at Tomma Rum, Skellefteå 2014 at our site: tommarum.se
FYI: Application form does not function on mobile devices. Please use a computer.

The participation fee of ~€22 is payable by card or Paypal. Included is a great cultural exchange, accommodation, project space and some materials. We are currently not offering any travel reimbursements. The fee is non-refundable but includes a membership in the Tomma Rum association which enables you to join our year-round activities.

Getting there

Skellefteå is today the largest city in Sweden without railways for personal transport. But of course there are connecting buses from Umeå. Coaches are an other option. The airport can be reached with direct flights from among others, Stockholm, London, Barcelona, Zadar and Dubrovnik.

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