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Vännersta/ Exhibit week 29

Vännersta Week 29 went by too fast, we had the lovliest weather, food and company, and finally made a show at Vännersta Konstby with Lis Wuisman Jørgensen, Erik Sjödin, Julia Krantz, Andreas Brännström, Emilie Birket-Smith, Christine Kriegerowski, Mascha Kriegerowski, Theodora Ekholm and Martin Wallén. Turned out to be the last show at the shoe factory itself.

Finally a monument: work by Andreas Brännström, Utan titel, Mässing, sandformsgjuten
work by Lis Wuisman Jørgensen, 100 pieces of Potamogeton perfoliatus, Installation, (left) and Feltarbejde – FIeldwork biology (Cyanotypes) (middle) and Julia Krantz (right)

Erik Sjödin:
Honeybee Standard Brain, Installation
Lis Wuisman Jørgensen, Julia Krantz, Thea Ekholm, Andreas Brännström
Lis Wuisman Jørgensen, Feltarbejde – FIeldwork biology (Cyanotypes)
Thea Ekholm, Untitled, Miniature Furniture, (front), Julia Krantz (back left) , Andreas Brännström (right)
Christine Kriegerowski, Kimchi, colography print and kimchi in plastic jar

Julia Krantz: Earth, Installation

Andreas Brännström, Jesu i Nyadals återupståndelse, Print
Emilie Birket-Smith, Contemplation, Installation
Christine Kriegerowski, Bread Documentation, Cyanoprints – inspired by Lis Wuisman Jorgensen
Mascha Kriegerowski, Feet, Colographies (part)
Mascha Kriegerowski, Ear, Colography
Me in my new dress from the loppis
now towards the barn

Martin Wallén, Barn, Soundinstallation with headphones
Listening to Martin’s sound piece
Listening to Andreas Brännström’s soundpiece: Pilgrimssang for Pilgrimsgang, Elektroakustisk Ljudinstallation
Parts of Thea Ekholm’s sound performance “Maintenance”

… and in the evening we drove to Rotsidan and enjoyed the rocks, the water, squatted a friendly couple’s fire and talked to them as if they had not been there for an evening without their children. Magic light on our way back, fog rising from the ponds and valleys.

one part of the group
the other part

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