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When the moose turns blue – 28 June till 5th of July

wow wow wow where do I begin. We would wake up every morning to Hannah singing her daily favourite Limp bizkit song and then breakfast a la grattis from a delicious lil cafe next door. We are talking breakfast buffet. All you can eat. And coffee from a waterfall. Then the day begins and wow nelly does it begin. I wont spoil the details of every day. It’s best to experience it without the trailers. But i will say this. Ever heard of a place called halong bay? That place in Vietnam that is on everyones top 10 places to see in the world? Well you can forget Halong bay because this is better. Montains popping out of beautiful bodies of mercurial lakes like fresh zits waiting to pop. You’ve had a busy day and didn’t make time to hike? no problemo! Go on a hike at midnight and you still see further than you can see even after laser eye surgery from Colombia. We had the best chefs in town with Michelin star meals. We are talking spinach curry, we are talking normal mans dinner, cakes the size of Tomma rum and cakes like a drooling tigers mouth, we are talking noodles like you never saw it and vegetables roasted in a way that you didn’t believe they were vegetables anymore but more like you are eating the beautiful landscape that you are seeing – While eating it! Oh and a lil gazpacho recipe for you: 2kg tomatos, une gurkino, ett paprika a la verde, an ilya sized splash of white wine vinegar, a kim sized klunk of olive oil and then a little more because you underestimated the kim sized klunk, and of course salt and pepper and a little sprinkle of sugar if you’re feeling the moose. Worth every second of the 4 bus changes. Just for gods sake don’t forget your silicon ear plugs if Micke is staying at the same time as you.

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