Deltagare7 August, 2003

Maja Hammarén, Beatrice Ehrström, Elin Johansson, Jennie Öberg, Magnus Oledal, Silje Hogstad, Emma Ströde, Mauritz Tistelö, Stina-Kajsa Eld, Ville och Thomas Aglo

Press31 July, 2003

Vintage klocka bottnar sjuttiotalet även om återkomsten, men mode människor Bell-bottoms ändrades till en nio bell-bottoms, damerna av detta slag kommer inte att vara mindre populära element, men hon kom ut på toppen Njut av nätet balklänningarbalklänningar Blake Golv Längd Chiffong aftonklänning Gossip Girl mode klä seo services company Portterppemphoka

28 July, 2003

papowerswitch .

As a reaction to studying at art college and seeing a future as judged and poor inside or outside a gallery, the thought came of all the possibilities that exist.There are unused spaces everywhere.I wrote about my thoughts on money and space to Sweden's municipalities. Many had premises and wanted to let people use them.A group at the school was formed and we decided on Nordmaling municipality.A community between Ö-vik and Umeå.There we got apartments, a shop and a basement all summer.Sarwar, an artist and caretaker, helped us.Beatrice was there the longest.For six weeks.We painted our shop brown and named it with a flag, from the Sibyl next door, Gallery Hello. Some of us went away for a couple of days and hello became Normalings konsthall.In the mailbox I wanted to get drawings from everyone.There were mostly graffiti tags but also glass drawings and people.The gallery changed almost daily.Four people from Nordmaling exhibited.We showed movies. The last week we had an opening every day.We built a sculpture in the harbor.Some people placed their art in bushes, outside consumption, in the water and in people's hands.Some recorded a movie in the sculpture.Some of those who came in came back and we got to know each other. The head of the municipality who invited us did not ask in advance what we were doing and did not want to control.Some Nordmaling residents wanted to keep the premises.We went to the manager who was positive but then nothing happened. The following year we visited from our way home from Jokkmokk.Kenneth was at home.