Bromölla 2006

Deltagare6 August, 2006

Birgitta Adamsson, Isabelle Andersson, Gunnel Derning, Estelle Ferreira, Jens Fröberg, Johan Granbom, Gunilla Holmlund, Mathias Kristersson, Sara Lännerström, Annika Lindsteth, Mikael Nilsson, Åke Sjöberg, Emma Ströde, Jennie Öberg

Dikter3 August, 2006

Johan Granbom skrev [.doc].

Press2 August, 2006

1 August, 2006

In the summer of 2006, Bromölla municipality took us in. We stayed at a school near the sea in Edenryd. We walked down to the sea on a small road between small houses. One of the many sunny days, Jennie Öberg and Birgitta Adamsson sat and painted watercolors on the way down to the sea. Birgitta is painting a small house and Jennie the garbage can standing next to it.Emma Ströde and I are shooting a movie together with Johan Granbom about needing to pee and how nice it is to pee afterwards. Somehow it would relate to Ivö verket, Bromölla's largest industry where they manufacture toilet seats and electrical insulators. The movie is then shown during an exhibition at the library in Bromölla. Eva, the Minister of Culture in Bromölla gave the opening speech, Johan and Sara Lennerström played and we had made two cakes with strawberries that we placed under Sara's super large bear drawing. There were probably 9 people at the opening. An artist from Brazil with curly black hair came. We had called her before, she lived in Bromölla and knew some Swedish. She also came to visit us at the school in Edenryd. The refrigerators were humming a lot in one of the buildings, then we should buy new cutting boards, the kitchen staff thought after the project, but I never understood why. Eva, the Minister of Culture lived near us in Edenryd, we had been allowed to borrow bicycles so we cycled home to Eva, her husband helped Estelle Ferreira to transfer pictures to the computer, then we had coffee. Their son played in a band, I think Estelle and maybe also Sara were out partying a bit with the son and the band. Estelle is from France and speaks English with a nice accent.In the gym she covered the floor with paper.Some of the paper came from a big Enzo factory nearby that smoked and looked like a spaceship at night.In a dressing room Mathias Kristersson had made a music studio. The most beautiful thing was one evening when we sat and ate in Sölvesborg when Mathias asks if we want to help him or be part of his project, he wants to take pictures of us with clothes on at night in water, in the sea.I sit there on the restaurant's outdoor terrace with the beer a little frozen, it's quite late and I'm a little tired.Swimming with clothes on...Feel how I wrinkle my nose while the whole group in unison shines up and says- yes, when, now what! or. Do I hear right?Shit how grumpy I am.A short time later we are all in the water with the darkness and night around us. So beautiful and I feel how good it is with other people sometimes. So very nice that everyone was on, a nice picture to be in.