Deltagare11 August, 2007

Daniel Torarp, Maria Jokitalo, Tobias Nilsson, Johan Granbom, Isabelle Andersson, Emma Kahlow, Sara Lännerström, Magnus Oledal, Åke Sjöberg, Silje R. Hogstad, Eira Oledal, Emma Ströde, Anna Larsson, Jennie Öberg, Patrick Francesconi, Erik Hårdstedt, Mikael Lindahl, Anja Carr, Niklas Sillén, Daniel Staley, Frida Olgun

Radio10 August, 2007

Radioprogram om Tomma rum i Hova (Sändes i Lokalradion och på P1 i Svea Kultur) (.mp3) Lokalradio_P1_Hova_2007

9 August, 2007

On June 25th I got on the train to go to Hova.One of the main towns in Gullspång municipality.About 1500 people live there.I myself live in Stockholm with over a million inhabitants so there was a clear difference.Super nice!A few hundred meters to the store, to the forest, a few hundred meters to everything! I could walk everywhere and didn't have to crowd with a horde of people underground.It was so peaceful and quiet.A very nice silence, i o f s Hova is right next to the E20 but a little bit into the forest, not even that traffic was heard.We picked mushrooms, blueberries and raspberries.It is really a completely different feeling in food you picked yourself directly from the plant. It's beautiful.I have only lived in Stockholm for a year and before that in smaller places but never in a place as small as Hova.But it's been a long time since I went for a walk in the forest.Something else I also appreciated a lot was all the meetings.Of all the people involved in the project, I had only met a few before. The atmosphere was great, the dinners I remember as very special. The art wasn't the most important thing, and maybe that's why there was so much going on. I hardly painted as I usually do but was very active in other ways. I made several camera obscuras.The light is really fascinating.Something as simple as a hole in a covered window and the light caught on a piece of paper.It felt absolutely magical.The view from outside in a miniature blurred movie.So light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and the photon is its carrier particle.What exactly are photons?A particle with no mass, just kinetic energy... Strange.Normally I work alone, but in Hova I did things together with others.It was much more playful than at school because I didn't put any pressure on myself, the result was not the important thing but the collaboration.Together with Jennie öberg and Emma Ströde, I was in the procession during Hova's knight week, dressed as a tree.Magnus Oledal and I were fascinated by the amount of coffee cups in the mission house and made the installation “The last church coffee” which, among other things, referred to the fact that the house would no longer function as a church because it was sold.During the knight week we had a theatrical dinner in the knight village when Sara Lännerström sewed suitable costumes for all participants.She also staged a fun light show during the knight week when, in addition to several of us, young people from Hova also participated. Several nice exhibitions were arranged, we filmed in a demolition house and painted a 20 meter long tunnel.A lot happened without it feeling like it at the time.It was calm and nice.I'm looking forward to next summer when I hope to be there again.