Press12 August, 2008

Erik och Emma intervjuas i Borås Tidning

11 August, 2008

  July 16. It seems ominous. The rain means that we have to drive in second gear on the 110 route. - What will happen to this year's Tomma rum if it rains like this? “I want to sunbathe and swim too!” says Emma, who is traveling from Östersund to Vilhelmina. But then it clears up as we approach. And so it continues all summer. Vilhelmina gets the least rain in the whole of Sweden this summer. Could it be a coincidence or has Eira's “Rain, rain go away! Sun, sun come to me!” influenced? I think a lot about “influence” during the summer. Maybe because I was largely the organizer of this year's project. How do I influence the project through my efforts? Do I have a hidden agenda? Who influences me and how? Can Eira influence the weather? Work is underway for the exhibition, in the courthouse. Because suddenly someone has arranged for us to have access to this strange house. Some of us work nights. In a week, we'll make an exhibition. When Saturday comes, we are done. Posters hang around the village in three languages. On the opening day we serve canapés and wine. We get about fifty visitors. We live in a five-story apartment building with glass verandas and a view of Lake Volga. I get the feeling of being on the French Riviera. I like Vilhelmina. It feels strange that many people are moving. The number of inhabitants has halved in just over a decade and it is mainly young women who are looking to leave. One evening when we sit and discuss culture, Vilhelmina and life :) I think about how interwoven all situations and structures