Deltagare7 August, 2004

Sanna Arwidsson, Maj Hassanger, Viktoria Brännström, Emma Ströde, Susanna Asp, Mikael Carlsson, Mikael Lindgren, Malin Ahlsved, Sara Lännerström, Jennie Öberg, Anders Möckelind, Andreas Waldén, Elin Möckelind, Panagiotis Ballomenos, Anna Nilsson, Björn Karlsson, Stine-Ofelia Kildevang, Anne Hiekkaranta, Benjamin Thorgren, Phil Collins

3 August, 2004

Icetacosdrac .

In the summer of 2004, I went to Jokkmokk.I had never been so far north.The train ride took a day.Then I had to change to a bus in Boden. A couple more hours and I got off in the town of Jokkmokk.The center is quite small and consists of a few shops, two large supermarkets, a tourist information, two churches and an old pharmacy.On the ground floor of the old pharmacy there is a craft shop, upstairs we had our work and exhibition space.Every Thursday there was a social gathering in the park outside.Markets and music events were organized.We took the opportunity to participate, with poetry performances and various interactive art projects.We also hosted dinners, art shows and exhibitions in our space.We lived a five-minute walk away.In a building that was otherwise empty.Ten apartments were at our disposal.It was nice to have plenty of space.A bit strange to have a large two-room apartment myself.I went and brought things home from the dump to fill up.And collected pine cones.It was light almost around the clock.Jokkmokk is very close to the Arctic Circle.And very close to the mountains.The local artist Lars Pirak invited us home for a studio visit, warm cloudberries and ice cream.We also had access to Folkets hus and the Sami handicraft workshop. The municipality offered a trip to Kvikkjokk, the gateway to the mountains.Vegetarian food and a boat trip with Björn in the river delta.